hello / welcome

Nice to see you!
My name is Nasa Montazeri.

My work expertise is multifaceted.
Brand Communication and Content Marketing are my focus.
Pilates is my passion.
Having a positive attitude is my base. 

Come into my digital site / you will have a first glance of my cosmos.

I am fan of communication. That’s why I worked on so many diverse units during the last 10 years within the media business. My speciality is to work strategically for brands.
Creating ideas and implement those into real life.

My curiousity is my motivation.
Do you want to know more about my skills? Are you in need of creative support for your business idea?

Go ahead and feel free to say hello for business inquiries!
I will respond you promptly and make my CV available for you in return.
My world of interests and the reasons behind it:

  • Cultures /
    gain new experiences and insights, step out of
    my comfort zone, further my knowledge,
    changing perspectives
  • People /
    lift my mood, help me learning and reflecting,
    broad-mindedness, give appreciation, believing
    in interhuman relations and good vibes
  • Sport /
    fun, self-confidence, mental health,
    able-bodied, improvement, movement
  • Media /
    bringing change, entertainment, monitor the world,
    feeding brain content, being connected, creating ideas –
    thank you, Internet!

This is my basket of ideas, aesthetics, inspirations, colours, trends, cultures, visuals, recommendations, field studies, emotions, …
Nasanin Montazeri
Hamburg, Germany